NEW!  Studio Bash Boudoir and Retro Pin-Up Sessions!


Hey Gals!

Are you ready for the sexiest Studio Bash announcement yet? I am BEYOND ECSTATIC to publicly announce the beginning of my new venture – Studio Bash Boudoir and Retro Pin-Up Photography!

Boudoir, derived from the French term “Bouder”, is defined as a lady’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. At our South Side studio, otherwise known as your lavish “Boudoir” for the day, I will be working with women from around the Pittsburgh area and beyond to capture their radiant beauty as art that is sexy, breathtaking, and timeless.

So, why am I offering both Boudoir and Retro Pin-Up styles? Simple! As you know, life’s not just about fabulous looks – I want to capture your attitude, energy, and the originality that makes you the woman you are. Whether you’re looking to seize your modern, sexy style or to become a pin-up vintage vixen, I’ve got you covered!

And Studio Bash is all about being pampered. Outside hair and makeup artists frequent our studio. You can bring in your own beauty team or use ours – I’ve got connections to some of the best in the industry if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience.

Oh, and yes! Group shoots are available. So why not make it a party? I’ll bring the mimosas!

Whether it’s for your significant other, for you, or just because, contact me today for your customized session.


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