Lauren and Evan’s Steampunk Wedding

Let’s cut to the chase. Evan and Lauren are a totally rad couple. We met them through mutual friends and felt an instant connection. They have great taste in movies, comics, music, killer style, and share a wicked sense of humor. When we heard they were getting married we thought, “This will be interesting…”. When they asked us to photograph their wedding, we thought “Hell yes!”. As the details of the day unfolded, we knew it was going to rock. Centered around a Steampunk theme, their wedding was as unique as Evan and Lauren’s personalities.

Aly and I met the bridal party at the Hampton Inn in the Strip District for preparations. While Aly captured Lauren as she prepared to slip into her stunning Chrissy Wai-Ching dress, I joined Evan in the parking lot for the traditional pre-wedding aviator goggle preparation (which just happened to require a power drill).

The Strip District offers some of Pittsburgh’s finest grittiness, which fit the Steampunk theme of the day perfectly. After a quick photo session with Evan and his groomsmen (complete with gun-equipped sword-cane groomsmen gifts), it was time for the much anticipated “First Look”.

After they spent a few moments together, we joined the soon-to-be-married couple for a bangin’ photo shoot which even included a little William Tell action. Yes, Studio Bash came prepared with a bow and arrow and a bag of apples. After hanging out with the entire bridal party for some more photo fun, we walked through the Strip to the ceremony site.

This was our first wedding at Altar Bar, and it proved to be the perfect choice for the day, completely decked out in floating blimps, sprockets and other industrial era paraphernalia. Evan and Lauren were married on Altar Bar’s stage, a space typically occupied by rock groups, while blimps and glimpses of the slowly setting evening sun hovered over their guests.

After dinner, famed Pittsburgh DJ Michael Devine, a.k.a. DJ Zombo, kept the dance floor moving from behind his custom made “Zombotron.” And mid-reception, Evan and Lauren received an unexpected gift: Super Evan & Super Lauren action figures. Awesome!

Thank you Evan and Lauren for letting us be part of your super creative and original day. And a special thanks to Nicole White and Laura Pliskin of On the Nose Events, who helped with planning and preparations. Enjoy some of our favorite images from their day!

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