Nikki and Nate’s Renaissance Hotel Wedding

One of our favorite things about photographing weddings are the couples we work with. We absolutely love getting to know each and every couple before wedding day. This couldn’t have been more true than with Nikki and Nate. By the time their wedding day finally arrived, we felt like we had known them forever. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Through many phone conversations, meetings, and their fun North Side Engagement Session last spring, we gained some great insight into their relationship and wedding day plans, which made us all the more exited for their big day. And what a day it was!

We started the day off early with Nikki (like before sunrise early) with preparations at the Renaissance Hotel downtown. The Renaissance looked stunning, even early in the morning, and the great personalities of Nikki, her family, and friends were just what we needed to jump-start the day. We also had the pleasure of seeing Tony from the Renaissance at work as well. Even super early, he is at the top of his game making sure each and every wedding detail is perfect.

Nikki and Nate decided to meet each other before their ceremony, so we scheduled a “first look” outside of the Renaissance along Fort Duquesne Boulevard amongst the morning traffic. After they spent a few moments together, we were whisked away to Oakland for an absolutely wonderful photo session, starting indoors at Phipps Conservatory. After our session at Phipps, Nikki and Nate braved frigid temperatures to continue shooting around Oakland with their awesome bridal party. Can you say dedication? We loved it! We laughed and laughed with their group, and had a fabulous time working with everyone.

We spent the rest of their wedding day back at the Renaissance Hotel with a beautiful afternoon ceremony on the Grand Staircase and a reception in the upstairs ballroom. After the ceremony, Nikki had a huge surprise for Nate. He is a big fan of both The Lord of the Rings and pumpkin pie. So what would any loving fiance do for her soon-to-be husband? Obviously choose pumpkin pie for the main dessert at the reception, and top it off with the coolest “cake” topper ever made – The Ring and the Eye of Sauron holding hands! Apparently Nate had a t-shirt of the design, so Nikki planned months and months in advance and had a custom cake topper made just for him. Needless to say, Nate was blown away by Nikki’s thoughtfulness. And, come on, it’s not everyday that a guy gets served a delicious pumpkin pie featuring The Ring and the Eye of Sauron.

Another amazing detail from Nikki and Nate’s reception were their table markers. Nate works for General Mills, so all of the table markers were General Mills characters. Any wedding that features Count Chocula, Booberry, AND Fraken Berry is all right by us! Nikki and Nate spent the rest of their wedding day at a fabulously intimate reception, mingling with their family and friends and enjoying the afternoon.

Nikki and Nate, we were honored to a part of your big day. And we were even more grateful to have gotten to know you over the past year and call you our friends. We wish you both many years of happiness, just like The Ring and the Eye of Sauron!

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