Melissa and Brent’s Wedding at the LeMont

We’ve enjoyed working with Melissa and Brent since our first meeting together. Their kind, laid-back personalities make everyone feel at ease around them, and they are obviously wild about each other. Not only is this couple super sweet, but they’re also super smart – Melissa and Brent are both doctors finishing their residencies. Needless to say, we felt like we were in good hands on their wedding day!

Melissa and Brent’s ceremony was held at the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh in Oakland. It’s a fantastic church, and we really enjoyed Pastor Gary Denning who gave some great insight into Melissa and Brent’s love story. As part of one of their first meetings with the Pastor, he gave them an assignment: they were each to spend only $1 on a special gift for each other. Brent went out and bought a little rubber duck – telling Melissa that they would give it to their first child as a gift (awww – super sweet, right?). Little did Brent know that Melissa went out and unknowingly bought the same rubber duck for Brent – telling him that it symbolized the vacation that they would get to take together after all of their hard work in residency. Such a cute story – and we loved how Pastor Gary brought that story into their wedding service.

We continued the wedding day with photos on the North Side. A Pirates game meant excellent bridge shots without dodging traffic (which is always a bonus!).

Afterward, Melissa and Brent treated their guests to The Le Mont on Mt. Washington for their reception, and of course, a perfect city view. Thank you Melissa and Brent – we loved being part of your day!

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