Christy and Vince’s Grand Hall at the Priory Wedding

We are so excited to be blogging Christy and Vince’s wedding! We’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent with Christy and Vince over the past year, and we had an especially fun time on their engagement session last Fall. They’re a great couple, and simply put, are also two of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

While most couples are worrying about last minute wedding details leading up to the Big Day, Christy and Vince had a different concern. Earlier this year, Vince was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Thankfully, this story has a truly happy ending. Vince underwent surgery and was back in prime form for wedding day! He was short a few hairs, but I’m sure you’ll agree that he totally rocks a shaved head. It was obvious that going through this experience only strengthened Christy and Vince’s relationship and made their wedding day an extra special day of celebration.

Christy and Vince planned a stunning North Side wedding including two of our favorite venues: St. Peter Parish and the Grand Hall at the Priory. Christy, her mom, and her bridesmaids got ready at the Priory. Christy looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown, and Vince was all smiles when we met him at St. Peter. Christy and Vince’s ceremony was definitely an extra special occasion for everyone involved. We are truly honored that we got to be there! We were greeted with some wet Pittsburgh weather after the ceremony which posed no problem for these two troopers. Christy and Vince left a TON of time for pictures after the ceremony (did we mention that we like these guys?), so we made our way to the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research in Oakland where we were safe from the rain and had a great time with the entire bridal party. Afterwards, we headed back to the Priory for a few more pictures and party time! Christy and Vince both gave touching toasts to kick things off. Vince talked openly about his experience, reminded everyone to enjoy the moment, and above all, celebrate!

Thanks again, Christy and Vince, for letting us be there to capture your day. You are truly an inspiring couple, and we’re so lucky to know you both!

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