Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Wedding | Erika + Larry

Erika and Larry’s official Studio Bash blog post is HERE! We loved getting to know Erika and Larry over the past year. They’re a super fun, laid-back couple who love dogs and love to travel – two things we’re all about! The morning of their wedding was rainy. And not just a little rainy – we’re talking a torrential downpour for hours. Of course Erika was totally relaxed. She and her bridesmaids had a great morning of preparations and pictures despite the soggy conditions. Larry and his awesome team of groomsmen met us at St. Therese of Lisieux. If you’re going to be in a wedding, this is the kind of crew you want to hang out with all day long. Erika and Larry had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, and by the end the rain had ended! We headed to Oakland for bridal party pictures, hit all the hot spots, and had a BLAST with Erika, Larry, and their crew. It was, literally, a struggle to keep everyone’s pants on, but that was all part of the fun. The reception was at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Hotel, featured Second II None behind the DJ Booth, and was a non-stop party! Erika and Larry’s dog, Rooney, even made a special appearance in his own tux – very classy!

Thank you, Erika and Larry. We loved hanging out with you!

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